Our Purpose...

To be a place where students belong, believe, and become.
Together, we meet Jesus and know Him better.
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Belong in a Family.

You belong before you believe. We strive to be a place where anyone can feel loved and accepted, without demanding we all agree on everything first. God sent His Son to include each of us in His family... long before we believe. This is what real love looks like, and we hope you feel that love every time you come to VYG.

Believe in Jesus.

It is our desire that every person comes to believe in Jesus Christ, saying YES to His saving grace and love. We seek to understand the grace of God and the good news of Jesus Christ. No matter where you find yourself, Christ loves you and is near to you. Say yes to Him and allow Him to change your life forever through his love.

Become like Jesus.

After we say YES to Jesus and put our faith in Him, we are called to become fully devoted followers of Jesus and become like Him. We humbly search the Scriptures to learn the ways of Jesus and put them into practice in our own lives. Through the support of a loving community, we help each other to learn and to become more like Jesus.

Core Habits

To be a people of belonging, believing, and become, we strive (with God's help) to practice these core habits.


Prayer is daily, quality time  with Christ. We approach Him each day curiously open to receive His love, enjoy His presence, and hear His voice.


Scripture is a library of 66 books we call the Bible. We daily study scripture humbly seeking to follow in Jesus' footsteps and know Him better.


God has created in each person: mind, body, soul, and spirit. We seek to slow down giving the Holy Spirit access to our inner-world including our emotions.


We are on mission to share the Love of Jesus Christ with others. We intentionally find ways to meet needs in our local communities and beyond.


We engage with others to build community with deep and authentic relationships. We reject isolation and find spaces and times to be together.


We practice forgiveness as we have been forgiven much through Christ. We heal broken relationships and stand with Christ as we fight for the oppressed.


We are content with what we have, actively resisting the desire for more. We approach each day knowing that Jesus is enough and everything else is a gift.


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